Weed weddings: New trend in cannabis-legalized states in US

03-16-2017 Posted in Marijuana, Substance Abuse

Although the Drug Enforcement Administration continues to identify cannabis as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act, certain states have legalized it for medicinal purposes and some also permit its recreational use. With the new stand on the subject, a new market has opened up making the drug accessible to more and more people. One such market is the use of cannabis during wedding ceremonies which is a now a trend being picked up by young couples.

Marriage is the ultimate level of commitment between a couple and wedding is the most special moment of their lives. Most choose to mark this day with the most extravagant display of joy while others prefer a more personal touch involving their loved ones only. The bottom line is that couples are always looking out to mark this special day with themes that best compliment their union. Now, couples have found a new way of initiating their new life by hosting weed weddings.

Wedding planning market and legalization of marijuana

Wedding planning for personalized weddings include the usual activities of finalization of venues and caterers, working on the guest list and pre-wedding rehearsals but as per the new trend, the focus narrows down to linking everything to a single theme – weed. Venues have to become cannabis-friendly, caterers are selected based on their experience of shelling out marijuana-based delicacies, guests on the wedding list need to be made aware in advance about what to expect and any situation needs to be avoided that might affect someone’s health at the venue.

Moreover, champagne glasses are replaced with pipes and blunts and the ceremonial wedding cake feeding between the couple is replaced by special personalized pipes symbolizing the union. It is interesting to note that such weddings are not restricted to cannabis connoisseurs; even non-users are taking it up as a recreational option for their guests.

The rise in demand for personalized weed weddings has led to a surge in services that make such events possible. Wedding planners and suppliers are coaxing couples with attractive personalized wedding plans and packages to make the event a memorable experience. Interestingly, states, where cannabis has been legalized, have seen a drop in the sale of beer as reported by Brewbound, dedicated to report the rapidly evolving changes in the beer industry.

Recovery road map

The legalization of marijuana is purely for medicinal purposes in aiding recovery from chronic health issues. With the rampant recreational use and rising trend of weed weddings, its ill effects cannot be ignored. Short-term effects include impaired body movement and memory, while long-term effects can be irreversible neurological changes and physical complications of health, liver and kidney that can even lead to death.

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