Students lift the veil off Delaware County’s meth menace

01-24-2017 Posted in Addiction, Drug Addiction, Treatment

Reclining on a wooden bench in a park in Carlton-Ludingwood, and taking a puff of a Marlboro lights cigarette, he rolls up his sleeves exposing his reddish meth sores, which leave him with a feeling of bugs crawling on his skin. “Meth is my demon, it has left me with nothing. It has destroyed me,” laments a debilitated and disillusioned Dennis Flaherty (name changed). Apart from an extra pair of socks, a shirt, two pairs of boxer shorts, and his diary, this Muncie native in his early forties owns nothing else. He sold his car, a 1999 Chevrolet Silverado, for five payments of $40 each.

Dennis is one of the numerous Hoosiers across the state who is an unfortunate victim of addiction to methamphetamine. For more than a decade, the state of Missouri was the undoubted meth capital of the United States. However, in the recent past, Tennessee has made it to the second place, and the new meth hub is the state of Indiana, with Delaware County on its way to become the infamous jewel in the meth crown.

Shrouded in anonymity, the realities of the state of Indiana’s emerging ‘methamphetamine hub’- Delaware County has remained an altogether less-explored territory in the recent past. However, it took some 27 enthusiastic students of journalism and telecommunications at the Ball State University to come together in an immersive learning project to bring the manifold dimensions to limelight. The students simply didn’t want to scratch the surface, rather they made an effort to go beyond the facts and meth bust statistics, getting into the skin of those whose lives have been affected by the drug in some way or the other.

Driven by the zeal to create awareness about the crisis and highlight the milestones achieved to help addicts and their families, the project, “Unmasked: The Stigma of Meth,” contains multiple perspectives of different stakeholders such as former meth addicts, addicts in jail, pastors of the local church, officials in the drug court, family members of those battling addiction, people from the Delaware County Sherriff’s Office and several others in a nutshell.

Indiana in midst of methamphetamine crisis

Crystal meth is now rapidly becoming one of the most dangerous drugs in the United States of America, solely because it can be manufactured using common household products. This new killer-drug has infested the State of Indiana and the surrounding areas and it is simply a matter of time before it spreads its tentacles to the other parts of the country as well.

Statistics from the Indiana State Police (ISP) records indicate that Delaware County has seen a dramatic spike in meth lab incidents so far, and the county is all set to break its own record of the previous years. According to the ISP, the county leads the state in meth lab seizures in recent years, with 148 in 2014 and 234 in 2015.

The drug may as well be called “death in a bag” because of its disastrous effects on the central nervous system (CNS) making the user crash and literally burn. It is a strong and highly addictive drug that comes in the form of clear crystal chunks or shiny blue-white rocks. Also known as “ice” or “glass” it is slowly turning out to be a fashionable party drug nationwide.

Meth use is growing across Indiana, and the trend is visible from the rise in the numbers of meth labs mushrooming across the state in hotel rooms, homes, backpacks and cars. Most of the illicit meth-manufacturing units are small-scale and highly-mobile one pot labs, which produce sufficient meth for personal use. Law enforcement authorities fear that meth use may increase criminal activities in the state which will affect several neighborhoods and cost huge sums of money to the county.

Leading an addiction-free life

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