Staying sober during Thanksgiving

10-24-2017 Posted in Addiction

With Thanksgiving around the corner, people across the United States are looking forward to get-togethers, sumptuous meals and much more. This is the occasion when we look forward to spending quality time with families and friends, and unwind. However, for someone in sobriety, this could be a trying time looking at the way people indulge in drinking and recreational drugs to relax and enjoy.

This could get nerve-wracking for someone who has worked hard on maintaining his/her recovery. However, prior planning can help a person to enjoy the festivities without compromising on the sobriety. Given below are few tips to help a person remain sober:

1. Choosing parties carefully: Thanksgiving is the time when one is expected to be invited over to several parties, hosted by family members, extended families and friends. Those in recovery or people who have just recovered should carefully evaluate each invite. One should settle for sober parties and avoid the ones where alcohol and drug use is expected to take place. Partying includes a lot of other things that one can enjoy like delicious food, music and dancing. One can politely refuse an invite by explaining the reason and instead, invite them to his or her home.

2. Keeping stock of non-alcoholic beverages: It is always advisable to carry a stock of non-alcoholic beverages whenever one goes out to attend a party. When at a party, the recovering person can hold a glass of beverage in hand so that when a friend offers a drink laced with alcohol or a drug, he or she can politely decline.

3. Offering to drive: One of the ways to motivate oneself to remain sober is to take the initiative of dropping intoxicated friends or family members to their homes. This way, other people will understand that it is important for the driver to remain sober and would not force one to raise a toast.

4. Keeping safe company: When one is sober and alone, people can easily cajole a person into taking a sip or trying a puff. The pressure might get so overwhelming forcing someone to succumb to it. To avoid such a situation, it is always sane to keep sober company as a support system when one attends such parties.

5. Volunteering: If one gets the invite to only those parties where alcohol and drugs are very likely to be served, it is best to avoid them. This does not mean that they have nothing to be joyful about. One can get in touch with sober groups from neighborhood or attend a sober party and volunteer. One can also help soup kitchens and shelter homes during Thanksgiving to offer help.

Road to recovery

Do not let Thanksgiving parties wash away your sobriety goals. Take this time to reflect on your journey so far and offer gratitude to all the people who have been instrumental in keeping you sober all this while. There may still be a chance of relapse as visiting old friends is hard to ignore. If one finds it hard to avoid the triggers, he or she must immediately get professional support and avoid any untoward consequences.

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