Smartphone apps for facilitating sobriety

09-22-2017 Posted in Substance Abuse

In this age of smartphones and high-speed internet connections, one can handle multiple tasks if one knows how to use the applications properly. From ordering groceries, hiring a cab, booking cinema tickets to ordering food, one can perform innumerable tasks and save a lot of time. Recently, some smartphone applications have garnered attention because of their role in helping maintain sobriety, after an addiction has been conquered.

These apps can be easily used by people who wish to prevent a relapse because of its easy accessibility and the fact that the user can keep his or her identity a secret. In addition, these apps are updated regularly. Many of these apps can be accessed free and even if some of these have nominal fees, they are worth giving a shot.

These apps are gaining popularity because all of them share some common features, which can benefit a user tremendously. Some of the features are:

  • Sober trackers: The applications have a tracker which can help a user keep a tab on the number of days one has been sober, number of days one felt the withdrawal symptoms strongly and relapsed, and so on.
  • Sober meetings and networking: Since smartphones are GPS-enabled, these applications can easily connect users and help them find a local sober meeting easily. These meetings can play an instrumental role in motivating a person during recovery.
  • Positive reminders: These applications provide a user with ample space to journal about important lapses and milestones. The apps also have a pool of motivational quotes that are sent to the user as a reminder so that he or she stays motivated to remain sober.
  • Coping skills: When one feels distracted, these apps offer help by offering coping mechanisms. For example, one can learn about breathing exercises, yoga postures, meditation and mindfulness practices that can empower an individual when he or she feels weak.

Some popular sobriety applications

AA Speakers To Go

This application has an exhaustive data of 400 speakers from alcoholic anonymous. In addition, it also offers an in-app purchase facility of attending workshops and seminars.

NA Speakers

This app has audio recordings of nearly 300 speakers of narcotics anonymous from across the world. Listening to these recordings can be a life-changing experience for someone.

recovery Box

This app helps a user log entries on an everyday basis which can help him/her track the number of sober days, types and frequencies of triggers, incidence of relapse, etc. One can even generate reports and share with their accountability partners or mentors or loved ones.

Squirrel Recovery

This application is useful as it connects a user with a team of 10 people, 24/7. This team supervises users’ logs in terms of level of stress, triggers, etc. The app also provides an option of pressing a panic button that can help arrange for support immediately.

Sober Grid

This application is a social networking site for people in sobriety across the world. One can connect with people from different walks of life who have conquered their addictions and are living examples of a strong will.

Road to recovery

Today, ample resources are available at the click of a button or a simple swipe to help achieve sobriety goals. Despite this, many people fail to achieve sober goals. In such cases, it is a must to seek professional support.

If you or someone you know is grappling with an addiction, we are here to help you recover. At the 24/7 Drug Addiction Helpline, we can help you find a comprehensive solution to your drug addiction problem. Call us at our 24/7 helpline 866-403-5607 or chat online with our experts to avail adequate help for drug abuse.

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