Record-breaking pot bust: $9 million worth of marijuana seized in Atlanta

01-20-2017 Posted in cannabis use disorder, drug abuse, Marijuana

In what is being termed as Atlanta’s biggest traffic bust, on Monday, Jan. 16, 2017, the Atlanta Police Department seized an estimated $9 million worth of marijuana crossing the city. As per Deputy Chief Darryl Tolleson from Criminal Investigations Division (CID), Atlanta Police Department, it was a tip that led to the seizure of nearly 6,000 pounds of marijuana. The tipoff call came in the evening saying that a drug shipment was moving through the city in a cargo truck.

The Atlanta police notified the Georgia State Patrol who then made a traffic stop. The state and the city police pulled over the truck and arrested the driver Jose Ibarra, 29, who has since been charged with trafficking marijuana and is in the Fulton County Jail.

As per Tolleson, when the team opened the back door of the truck, they discovered 208 packages of marijuana. The seized packages were wrapped in plastic, coated with chlorine to distract drug-sniffing dogs. The police have locked up the marijuana at an undisclosed evidence room in the state. They will reveal where they believed the pot originated and where it was going in due course of time. While the bust is being counted among the largest drug busts in the Georgia, as per the police officers, it only makes a small dent in the market.

While pro-pot activists in the state believe that making marijuana legal would take out the criminal element from it, the Atlanta Police Department has reasons to disagree. Tolleson said that the Atlanta Police does not authorize legalizing marijuana in the state. He does not think that there are enough studies pertaining to marijuana that would change their minds.

Medical marijuana legalization in Georgia

In July 2015, state laws allowed people in Georgia to use cannabis oil to treat certain medical conditions. While several patients in the state have complained about getting cannabis oil from other states, it is still illegal to cultivate marijuana to produce cannabis oil in Georgia.

As per the Georgia Department of Public Health, after passing the legislation to legalize a form of medical marijuana, Georgia has more than 1,300 registered residents on the list that need to receive marijuana for medicinal use.

However, under a proposal introduced on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017, in the State House, voters will get to decide on whether they would like to see the growing and distribution of medical marijuana legalized in Georgia. Though it has been introduced, the new proposal falls short of laying out rules such as location to grow medical marijuana, people who could grow medical marijuana, and how medical marijuana could be sold.

According to Allen Peake, member of the Georgia House of Representatives, the details have not yet been added, as he believed that a referendum pertaining to the same should come first while all other details could be spelled out later in the bill. While he is hopeful, law enforcement officials and religious organizations across the state have opposed loosening of laws pertaining to medical marijuana as they feel that legalizing medical marijuana would lead the state to the next step of legalizing recreational marijuana.

Road to recovery

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