Parents should help teens break the shackles of addiction

09-27-2017 Posted in Addiction

Discovering about a teen’s active addiction could be a deathblow to a parent. A parent might feel cheated, aggrieved and disoriented on finding about this reality. However, it is important to get over the emotional tumult and start planning the road to recovery for the child. Parents surely want to protect his or her child from addiction. Yet, it is extremely important to remember a couple of facts, all along, so that when the child finally wins over an addiction, parents are able to help him or her rebuild one’s life.

Listed below are some important facts that parents must remember on discovering about an active addiction problem in their teenager:

Remembering that life is short

One should love his/her child more on discovering an addiction problem. One must remember that people hooked on alcohol or substances feel weak emotionally, but they should be assured that help is available. It is not difficult to manage addiction if the person agrees to take support.

Not getting into a self-critical mode

As soon as parents discover about their child’s addiction, they start questioning themselves, their upbringing, parenting styles, and so on. Parents must remember that it is not their fault at all. Addiction is an insidious disease, which can attack anyone. Upon coming face to face with a child’s addiction, it is important to accept the situation, forgive the child and self, and start instituting recovery resources.

Lending support and unconditional love

A child struggles with a lot of hurt and embarrassment when his/her addiction is discovered. Out of this embarrassment, some children may still not acknowledge that they have a problem and continue to live in a denial. At this point of time, parents should not be judgmental. This is the time when one should shower unconditional support, love to the child, and provide reassurance that he or she has their parents with them, come what may. This kind of support might encourage the child to seek therapy and break free from the tight hold of addiction. Parents should also remember that there must have been some underlying pain hurting the child that could have driven him or her toward addiction.

Getting support

For some parents, discovering a child’s addiction can get overwhelming. This can lead to a mental distress or revival of an old addictive behavior. This is the last thing one would want in a family. Hence, one must also be a regular at support groups to gather strength and understand that they need to give the best as parents.

Getting into self-care mode

Unless a parent is healthy and active, it is unlikely that a child struggling with an addiction will be properly taken care of at home. Therefore, a parent must eat healthy, be active, and stay positive and attend meetings with like-minded people.

Road to recovery

Coming face-to-face with a child’s addiction problem can be devastating. Nevertheless, the best course of action is to accept things as they are and help your child receive appropriate support through faith, love, knowledge and perseverance.

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