New Year’s resolutions for those in recovery

01-02-2019 Posted in Addiction, Therapy, Treatment

New Year’s is a time to reflect and make new goals for the coming days. However, a majority of people do not succeed in reaching their goals because they do not make definitive resolutions. For someone in recovery, this is an extremely important time. Either one can make realistic resolutions and walk the path of lasting sobriety or one can make unrealistic resolutions and set the stage for disaster.

People in recovery must remember that they were brave to have reached where they are. They can further build on their achievements by making a few resolutions associated with lifelong sobriety and sticking by them. Some of these resolutions can be:

  • Starting a gratitude journal – There is always something to be thankful for. One can start a gratitude journal and every night write about three things that made them feel thankful that day. Over a period of time, this habit will make one positive. In addition, one can also write about their day in general. What caused them stress or what could be a potential trigger for them. Writing about cravings and their coping strategies could also be helpful. Revisiting old pages will help one have a better understanding of the self.
  • Committing to at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday – When a person is in recovery, it is important to have perseverance and resilience. This can be built by indulging in some sort of workout every day for a minimum of 30 minutes. Regular exercise increases stamina and physical strength and helps one emerge stronger. It also boosts the mood so it works wonders in maintaining mental health.
  • Learning something new – When one is into active addiction, they spend a lot of time thinking about alcohol or the substance of abuse. However, when one is in recovery, they have a lot of leisure time. It is therefore important to spend that time constructively so that one is not swayed by cravings or triggers. This time can be spent learning a new hobby like painting, driving, swimming, baking, etc.
  • Attending worship services regularly – Faith can move mountains. One must attend some place of worship at least once a week. This will widen spiritual horizons, giving an individual ample opportunities to interact with other people and expand their social circle.
  • Attending meetings with support groups – This is one of the most important tasks of being in recovery. One must never get complacent and skip these meetings as these help one remember where they are coming from. These meetings offer a platform to interact and vent pent up feelings. Getting connected with like-minded people also keeps one grounded.
  • Scheduling time with friends and family – During an active addiction, one often severs ties with loved ones. Recovery is the time to resuscitate those bonds. One must spend quality time with their friends and relatives on a weekly basis. Watching a movie together, eating a home-cooked meal, playing an indoor game are some of the ways of spending quality time together.
  • Asking for help – During recovery, one might face ups and downs. During low phases, one must muster the courage to reach out for support as it is critical to maintain one’s sobriety. If one feels like missing a therapy session, one must ask a friend to accompany. Similarly, if one feels like using something again, one must call the sponsor.

Seeking help for addiction

Addiction is a chronic illness. One might have an urge to try something or one might even relapse. During such times, it is important to seek help so that one can bounce back. If a relapse happens, one must get in touch with professional support immediately.

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