Devil’s Breath: The memory wiping drug

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Although the invention of different drugs to treat various diseases can be termed as miracle, the same can also be outlined as a destructive force, affecting people of any age, gender or race.  Scopolamine, also known as the “Devil’s Breath,” is one of them.

Scopolamine is a dangerous drug that can remove a person’s free will and is used for criminal activities like rape or robbery. The drug powder is blown into a person’s face and within no time, he/she becomes a slave to its intoxication. The most frightening thing about this anticholinergic drug is that it is odorless, colorless and causes an instant reaction. The drug has the capability to wipe out the victim’s memory, leaving him hopeless, incapable of recalling his memories.

How does scopolamine work

Scopolamine is a muscarinic receptor antagonist (MRA) that blocks activity of the receptor acetylcholine. It stimulates parts of the brain, which triggers nausea and vomiting as well as movement of the involuntary muscles of lungs, gastrointestinal and urinary tracts. Scopolamine affects the central nervous system (CNS) by crossing the blood-brain barrier.

Scopolamine has anti-emetic properties and is used to treat motion sickness and the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. However, higher doses of the drug can result in CNS depression, followed by fatigue, amnesia and paradoxical sleep.

History of scopolamine

Scopolamine carries a dark history in Colombia, which dates back before the Spanish conquest. The Colombian Indian tribes used to bury alive the wives and slaves of their defeated chiefs using the drug. The drug that has amnesia producing abilities was used to help mothers during childbirth in the early 20th century.

Another characteristic of the drug is that it can be used as a “truth spill” drug. Scopolamine was first promoted by Dr. Robert House in the 20th century as a “truth serum”. During the 1920s and 1930s, the U.S. police department would use it on suspects. The drug was also used as a truth serum as it has the ability to wipe out a subject’s memory clean.

Now, scopolamine is misused by criminals to sedate their victims. Another reason why the drug is an effective weapon for criminals is that it has the characteristics to completely wipe out a person’s memory under its influence.

Side effects of scopolamine

Some people use scopolamine for recreational purpose. The drug can cause several side effects and agitations. It can produce allergic reactions and may cause difficulty in breathing, swelling of lips, face or tongue. Serious side effects of scopolamine are dizziness, itchy eyes, constipation, blurred vision, rapid heartbeats, restlessness, etc.

Scopolamine, like cocaine, is a deadly drug if abused. Even one gram of the drug can kill 15-20 people. A sniff of the drug is enough to put one under a hypnosis spell. There are also possibilities for scopolamine users to get high forever.

Road to recovery

Scopolamine comes with serious side effects and warnings even with its therapeutic usage. Its regular doses can also cause agitations, confusion, hallucination and paranoia. If you or a loved one has got addicted to on any kind of drug and is looking for help, get in touch with the 24/7 Drug Addiction Helpline to avail innovative and evidence-based treatments. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-403-5607 for more information on inpatient drug abuse treatment centers or chat online with our experts to know about outpatient drug abuse treatment centers in your vicinity.

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