Common excuses given by drug abusers not ready to attend rehab

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Drug addiction is a severe problem that can only be treated by a sustained program that takes into account both the somatic and the psychological causes of addiction. For those struggling with substance abuse, going through the taxing process of detox can be a grueling journey, devoid of any fun or enjoyment. But, rehabilitation is the most reliable and effective way to get clean.

Dealing with the in-depth physiological issues and psychological issues that accompany addiction,  rehabilitation centers generally play a dual role. They not only wean the patient away from the addiction, but also rewire the brain through therapies so that the possibility of a relapse becomes negligible. For some chronic drug abusers, falling back into addiction is a sure thing. Unfortunately, many people battling with an addiction shy away from entering a drug rehabilitation program and prefer detoxing by themselves, which is a far more difficult challenge. Interestingly, most of their excuses for not attending a rehab revolve around their inability to strike a balance between the therapy and their personal or professional life.

Only few people enter addiction treatment programs willingly

The body of a chronic drug abuser becomes adjusted to the addictive substance, and therefore, he or she does not like to live without the stimulants. Listed below are some of the vague excuses given by individuals in active addiction to not enroll in a rehab program:

1. No need for rehab program

Most addicts are in a state of denial, owing to a variety of reasons, from social stigma to brain alterations. Most drug users believe that they do not require a therapy and that they are in control of the situation. However, an addiction to any substance, be it alcohol, substance abuse, opioids, is deadly. An addiction is a progressive disease and it is bound to get worse, in case timely treatment is not provided.

2. Rehabs are expensive

When one considers the time and money that is spent in procuring objects of gratification, be it alcohol, amphetamine, heroin and crack, the payoffs of a therapy and rehab are enormous. In fact, there are several insurance plans that an individual can opt for, which might help in bearing the expenses of a rehab program. Not only does a rehab program enable the person to live a better life and be in control, but also soothes disrupted familial ties. More importantly, rehabs make people feel better about themselves. They are no longer absorbed by the feelings of guilt and shame, but instead, are more satisfied at the spiritual and mental well-being that they could build post rehab.

3. Balancing work and rehab is difficult

Most people entering a rehab complain that they would lose their jobs in case they entered a long-term rehab treatment. However, it is not true since most workplaces nowadays are quite accommodative about their employees having psychological issues and requiring counseling and rehab. In fact, seeking help while there is still time can prevent loss of employment.

4. Family will be affected

A typical excuse that people battling with chronic substance abuse generally give is that their children and spouse will be neglected in their absence. But, addiction is the root cause of dysfunctional family behavior, therefore, any step taken to get rid of the habit will be beneficial for all the family members.

Seeking treatment for addiction: A step toward happy life

Any addiction requires prompt attention. Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process, which can be successful only with timely treatment, coupled with support from family and friends. Relapse during the recovery process needs to be monitored closely.

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