Creativity and fight against addiction – Music therapy

September 16, 2016 in Addiction, Drug Addiction, Substance Abuse, therapy

Music has the power to transcend the soul to a different world. The tunes and rhythm not only soothe the mind, but also help in calming the nerves. Music can alter mood, relieve stress and energize body. It has also been found useful in healing pains and discomforts. Hence, music has always been considered one of the powerful therapeutic tools.

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 Tips for parents to fight drug addiction in children

August 11, 2016 in Depression, Drug Addiction, Substance Abuse

Addiction at any age is a serious issue, but when a teenager falls into the grip of substance abuse, the consequences could be significantly devastating. Nothing can be worse for parents when they discover that their teen abuses alcohol or drugs. But at the same time, parents are the most powerful influence to encourage their kids to inculcate healthy attitude toward drugs or alcohol.

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