DEA temporarily places fentanyl-related substances in Schedule I

April 13, 2018 in Drug Abuse

To avoid an imminent hazard to the public safety, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has issued a temporary scheduling order of fentanyl-related substances in Schedule I in the United States. Currently, they are not placed in any schedule of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Substances placed under the Schedule I have a high potential for abuse, lack safety for use and have no accepted medical use in treatment. In addition to the above stringent measure, the order will also schedule the isomers, esters, ethers, salts and salts of isomers, etc. of fentanyl-related substances in Schedule I. 

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 Former rugby player John Tobin confesses role in Australia’s biggest drug haul

February 05, 2018 in Drug Abuse

Former rugby player John Tobin has pleaded guilty for being a part of one of the biggest illegal drug busts in the Australian history that happened during Christmas last year. The 58-year-old first-grade player was charged for his involvement in the alleged syndicate responsible for trafficking cocaine from Chile to Australia using a vessel temporarily moored at Sydney Fish Markets’ public wharf.

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 Arrest of comedian Artie Lange highlights the magnitude of drug addiction

January 19, 2018 in Drug Abuse

The life of renowned American comedian and actor Artie Lange has been a rough ride filled with numerous episodes of addiction and relapse. In 2017 alone, he was arrested twice for possessing drugs and once for missing a court date in December. He has witnessed numerous relapses and two suicide attempts due to his constant battle with drug addiction. He has attributed his problems at work to drug addiction.

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 Nutritional requirements during addiction recovery

August 08, 2017 in Addiction, Drug Abuse, Drug Addiction, Substance Abuse

Coming clean about an addiction and resolving to seek treatment can be a life-altering decision. As long as one is associated with a rehab center for treatment, immense support is available through skilled professionals and other facilities. However, at the end of the treatment when an individual is on his own, the timeline of his or her sobriety depends on how strong is his will power to remain sober, conquer cravings and practice extreme self-care. One of the key factors facilitating sobriety is diet.

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 False advertisements fail to nail real repercussions of synthetic marijuana

August 04, 2017 in Drug Abuse, Drug Addiction, Marijuana

Fake weed, also known as synthetic cannabinoids (SCBs) or synthetic marijuana, is an artificially created psychotropic chemical that primarily aims at enhancing and mimicking the hallucinatory effects of marijuana. Although manufacturers claim that the ingredients of SCBs are natural and extracted from various plants, the only thing natural about SCBs is the dried plant on which a number of chemicals are applied. Reportedly, these chemicals cause some debilitating symptoms once taken into the body.

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