Creativity and fight against addiction – Art Therapy

September 06, 2016 in Addiction, therapy, Treatment

Addiction has grown common these days. The availability of drugs such as heroin and marijuana has led to more number of teens and students falling prey to addiction. Besides the conventional drugs, there are many new kinds of drugs and their derivatives that have taken addiction to a new level. Hence, a lot of development has also taken place in terms of recovery and rehabilitation.

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 Explained: Addiction, physical dependence and tolerance

September 02, 2016 in Addiction

Addiction to substances is a common problem in the United States. Some of the common terms related to addiction are physical dependence and tolerance. Though the three are interrelated, they are not the same and have different meanings. For many people, all the three words convey just one meaning –addiction. However, the only thing common among them is that all of them deal with body’s reaction/behavior to certain substances, such as drug or alcohol.

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