Drug abuse: Threat to American society, socially and economically

February 03, 2017 in Addiction, drug abuse, Substance Abuse

The habitual consumption of legal and illegal drugs to experience pleasure and other euphoric effects, has emerged as a major public health problem is the United States. In fact, the impact of drug abuse has been comparatively more damaging on the youngsters, who take up drugs under peer pressure for experimentation and entertainment.

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 Opioid epidemic continues to grow in Wisconsin despite measures

January 30, 2017 in Addiction, drug abuse, opioids, Substance Abuse, Treatment

From “wonder drug” to life-threatening substance, opioids have crossed all boundaries to reach epidemic levels in the United States. With the problem rising alarmingly, the federal agencies are now trying to deal with it in several possible ways. In January 2017, Governor Scott Walker called a special legislative session to pass a dozen additional bills to combat opioid addiction in Wisconsin. However, social justice groups and civil rights advocates objected to the move, saying that it was not enough to address the state’s growing opioid epidemic.

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 Governor Hogan introduces tough legislations to counter Maryland’s opioid menace

January 25, 2017 in Addiction, opioids, Substance Abuse

To counter Maryland’s growing opioid addiction crisis, Governor Larry Hogan and Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford have outlined a package of anti-heroin proposals. The proposals, made on January 24, 2017, include limiting the ability of doctors to write opioid prescriptions, strict penalties for dealers who supplied deadly drugs and the creation of a new command center to coordinate authorities’ responses to the growing opioid crisis.

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 Students lift the veil off Delaware County’s meth menace

January 24, 2017 in Addiction, Drug Addiction, Treatment

Reclining on a wooden bench in a park in Carlton-Ludingwood, and taking a puff of a Marlboro lights cigarette, he rolls up his sleeves exposing his reddish meth sores, which leave him with a feeling of bugs crawling on his skin. “Meth is my demon, it has left me with nothing. It has destroyed me,” laments a debilitated and disillusioned Dennis Flaherty (name changed). Apart from an extra pair of socks, a shirt, two pairs of boxer shorts, and his diary, this Muncie native in his early forties owns nothing else. He sold his car, a 1999 Chevrolet Silverado, for five payments of $40 each.

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 Disgraced Methodist Minister Paul Flowers continues to battle with drug addiction

January 23, 2017 in Addiction, cocaine addiction, Drug Addiction

Last week, former chairman of the Co-operative Bank, Paul Flowers, was stripped of his power to lead services for the Church and of his title ‘Reverend’ for his drug-seeking behavior. Flowers, 66, had become a Methodist minister in Bradford in 1976.

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 Rarely abused but potent prescription drugs

January 13, 2017 in Addiction, drug abuse, Drug Addiction

Overall, the use and abuse of addictive substances, including drugs, to feel ecstasy and a euphoric high is not something new; in fact, it has been prevalent ever since the existence of mankind. Interestingly, addiction, like humans, has evolved significantly, both in terms of the type of substance and methods to abuse substances.

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 Effects of undergoing nicotine replacement therapy during pregnancy

December 26, 2016 in Addiction, Substance Abuse, Treatment

Cigarette smoking during pregnancy is one of the most preventable causes of infant and maternal mortality as well as morbidity. Smoking can seriously interfere with the pregnancy outcomes leading to placental previa, placental abruption, perinatal mortality, ectopic pregnancy, premature rupture of membranes, spontaneous abortions, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and preterm delivery. Every year, approximately 10 percent of the expectant mothers in the U.S. are estimated to indulge in smoking, exposing as many as 400,000 fetuses to nicotine and other obnoxious chemicals, according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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 Understanding the relationship between cognitive dissonance and addiction

December 21, 2016 in Addiction, drug abuse, Drug Addiction, Substance Abuse

People sometimes struggle with an uncomfortable feeling, which stems from the fact that their actions are not in harmony with their beliefs. This destructive thought pattern, known as cognitive dissonance, comprising conflicting beliefs, attitudes and behaviors, can become overpowering when an individual does not have a strong reason to behave in a certain way.

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 Rising drug addiction among senior citizens in US

December 02, 2016 in Addiction, Drug Addiction, Substance Abuse

Drug addiction is commonly thought to be a problem of teens or adults. According to the Administration for Community Living, addiction is also impacting senior citizens in the United States who account for approximately 14. 5 percent of the country’s total population.

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 Types of synthetic drugs – Part 3: Fighting addiction to Molly

November 30, 2016 in Addiction, drug abuse, Treatment

The use of Molly in today’s world is different from what it was initially intended for. On mentioning the word Molly, people usually tend to take it as the pure form of 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA), originally recommended to treat depression. However, today’s Molly is different not only in terms of its constituents, but also in terms of the purpose of its use.

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